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Our story goes back a long way…

A small woodworking shop which was founded in the early 1900’s has grown over time to become a leader in the local area in the furniture business.In the 40s, 50s, and 60s, the second generation brought renewed entrepreneurial vigor as shown by attendance at numerous trade fairs where new products were presented that feature constant use of the latest woodworking technologies. From the 1970s, the third generation, enthusiasts of the work of the greatest maestros of Italian design, grasp the need to combine the marketing of “Bottos” products the strategies of the major emerging Italian-made brands. This often led to direct, exciting cooperation with a shared vision: advertising campaigns provided by leading graphic arts studios, participation in the “Ottagono” publishing project, the organization of experimental exhibits which blend art and modern design, and the development of projects which were in step with, or even ahead of the times led to the firm establishment of  the “Bottos” brand (recognizable by the stylized capital “B”) in the panorama of interior design.

“Bottos carpentry in early 1900.”

“Expositions and advertising in the 50’s and 70’s”

With the coming of the new millennium, the fourth generation has taken up the challenge and continues the now century-old tradition with the same spirit of innovation, creating new projects that have been awarded in international competitions and have been exhibited in the most prestigious furniture trade fairs.The all-new line of furniture, “Bottos Design Italia”, designed by Sebastiano Bottos and made with the finest materials and the very latest technology, is appreciated by a refined international audience. It bears tangible witness to the love for design that combines past and future, local and global, in a vision that goes well beyond time and space.”