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Sebastiano Bottos


Sebastiano Bottos established Bottos Design Italia furniture brand in Pordenone, continuing a family tradition that began in the early 1900s. After completing his studies in Architecture at IUAV University in Venice, he participated in various international design competitions and exhibitions. His collections are characterized by a constant exploration and research of new designs and materials. Combining innovative processing techniques with expert craftsmanship, Bottos brings to life distinctive and intriguing objects that will illuminate a modern home.

Philosophy: Innovation


“The BDI collection features continuous research that  combines tradition and the latest trends, as well as a focus on both the materials and production techniques.
The items included in the catalogue are the result of an expert blend of advanced technology and fine craftsmanship, exclusively Made in Italy.
The very finest items, with a highly personal and recognizable style, are intended for demanding clientele in search of customizable creations that stand out from large-scale, standardized production”

“Each product in the BDI collection includes innovative elements: brand new materials such as multi-layer sheet surfaces and reflective films, unique in-house designed working processes such as Kirigami or extroversion workings on wood panels make BDI creations peerless on the furniture market.”